Rich Connor Singing Webmaster

Rich Connor the Singing Webmaster is Richard Del Connor founder of Shaolin Communications in 1984.  As “The Singing Webmaster” Richard is attempting to find some enjoyment and satisfaction in being the webmaster for Shaolin Communications.  He’d rather not spend so much time on the websites and internet… but he can’t find anyone else who can do what he’s doing.  Even the people asking for money do not seem as competent as our reluctant webmaster.

Rather than replacing himself, Rich Connor is striving to create a lifestyle of webdesign and webmastering he can integrate into his already overwhelming lifestyle of:

  • writing music, books, poetry, philosophy, and martial arts manuals
  • producing music and releasing albums for Shaolin Records
  • hanging out with his cat, Bear, who is head-butting him now
  • teaching, videotaping, editing, releasing Shaolin Kung Fu videos
  • administrating all his entertainment companies

The Coyote says: We’re Gonna Launch Website July 4, 2020

The Hippy Coyote (pseudonym of Richard Del Connor). BLOG of CoyoteRadio.TV. Shaolin Records has several different holidays to tie in with its record releases. American Zen’s LAST ALBUM RELEASE: End Of The Line was July 4, 2014. In 2014 I was living out of my car, but spending all day at my office, the Carl’s …

The Coyote says: We’re Gonna Launch Website July 4, 2020 Read More »

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