Tiger Buddha Guitar Limbo?

Replacing bridge. Other end of guitar from tuning pegs.

I want to LOVE my guitar. My Fender Stratocaster is the last guitar I purchased back in 1984. I’ve never wanted another guitar.

I decided to change my life. Change my future. Differentiate from my past. Seek a new destiny. Allow me to be the new me.

So I got a new guitar.

I sent the guitar back to Sweetwater. They fixed a bunch of problems.

One problem, screws falling out of the bridge, was not fixed. The new screws fell out during MUSIC VIDEO PRODUCTION at Club Coyote. A couple days of live concerts being filmed a couple screws fell out.

So now they will replace the entire bridge. We will HOPE that the bridge SADDLES are not going to allow the screws that hold them in place to vibrate out onto the floor–where I lose them. (Small brass screws).

One of the screws in my Fender bridge also. But I’d been playing, performing and recording for 10 years… then the screw fell out. So I want to be reasonable.

I need FAITH in my guitar. Love requires faith.

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