Tiger Buddha Guitar

I’ve customized it a little.

I started customizing it before I got it. I ordered and received the black pickup rectangle rings. The guitar comes with ivory white rings and I thought that those white rings didn’t fit into my “BLACK GOLD BURST” style.

I could tell a story about installing those black pickup rings.

I replaced the pickup switch knob. Once again: it comes with a white plastic screw on switch.

Nope, I thought. I want a black one. That took some work and a guess. I found what I thought would be the same toggle switch rubber handle in black.

I called up my buddy Jack at Sweetwater .com. Jack took a day to verify with the manufacturer: PRS GUITARS or PAUL REED SMITH GUITARS: that the manufacturer does not sell these toggle switch rubber caps to the public. I’m not sure if they have black ones on other models.

Anyway, my black knobs were the perfect replacement. I only needed one. I had to order two. I guess I have to buy another guitar for this other toggle switch black handle.

Freshly made PRS 954 SE “Black Gold Burst”

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