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4 Decades of Love poetry by Richard Del Connor


Whether he’s The Hippy Coyote of American Zen or Richard Del Connor the founder of Shaolin Communications he has created a new book in a new style with chords above the lyrics.

Making ebooks created new problems of keeping the guitar lyrics in the proper positions as pages can be resized or the font size changed.

So Shaolin Communications has created these ‘underscores’ between chords to keep them properly positioned and obvious with the underscores between them.

4 Decades and 4 High School Reunions later:

Richard Del Connor selects 4 songs from 4 decades for this 16-song guitar songbook.


  • Don’t Forget
  • Without You Day By Day
  • Backseat Love
  • In Dreams


  • We’re Not Working Out
  • I Want You To Love Me
  • No, It Wasn’t A Dream
  • All Around The World


  • Great Salt Lake
  • Simple Lady
  • Just For You
  • Trust Me


  • House Of Rejection
  • But I Got
  • I Just Want To Be With You
  • Run To Me

ENCORE:  “Loyalty” poem


Blue, Red

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