Kung Fu Cowboy presents “Cinco de Mayo” by American Zen


“Cinco de Mayo” is the radio shortened version of the song “Flintridge Fire” on the LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy album by American Zen.  The song was recorded while watching the “Station Fire” burning down the mountain towards his Montrose home in 2010.  As the fire ebbed and flowed it provided an inspiration for the dynamics of this traditional styled Spanish classical song written by Richard Del Connor, The Hippy Coyote.  As a youth the young pub enjoyed Spanish classical music more than his father’s country & western music.  Richard would imagine conducting the 101 Strings Orchestra himself with his hands swishing through the air in his San Diego living room.

“Cinco de Mayo” is the shortened version of the “Flintridge Fire” song (6-min.) created for radioplay.  The music video has additional material under the end credits to keep them interesting.

If this shortened version of “Flintridge Fire” suits your needs better–here it is!

Check out the “Flintridge Fire” music video also.  It’s a longer song so it’s got stuff in it.  Just like American Zen’s music, we use original performances without ‘cut and paste’ editing.

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