Sid’s Place – A Psychedelic Odyssey in 1969


Sid’s Place is the novel resulting from the combination of two rock operas written by Richard Del Connor in 1975 and 1976.  These rock and roll stories, UNDERGROUND, and IN VIOLENCE, are the story behind the Sid’s Place novel.

Tom Calder is a teen drug runner who gets in a car accident during a drug run.  He’s chased by the police.  He’s chased by a hitman.  And he discovers love on a commune in California… until Sid arrives.

Currently, this project is undecided.

Should I PRINT PAPERBACKS and store them in my closet to sell here?

OR:  Should I just refer people to Amazon.com and receive a small royallty?

This 2008 EDIT was a rough draft to get something completed for… Sorry.  There are a lot of typos.  I look forward to a final edit of this book.




Black, Blue, Brown, Red

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