On Sunday I wrote a song, “Land of the Free.” I was inspired by watching videos about the “1864 Arizona Abortion Law” that couldn’t even be repealed by the Democrats of their legisture. The Republicans VOTED TO NOT REPEAL the 1864 law. Their were TikTok videos of them celebrating and cheering their victory for removing female anatomy rights.

As I write this post to announce my song I think the Arizona legislature met again and this time even some of the Republicans conceded that worldwide criticism of their archaic laws for women were causing trouble for the Republican image.

So, (as I understand), they voted a second time and VOTE TO VOTE TO REPEAL. They merely voted to vote later whether to repeal their slavery laws for women. I think they convene in August and then will vote whether to repeal the “1864 Arizona Abortion Law” OR NOT REPEAL.

Maybe they don’t repeal it.

HOWEVER——-If they do repeal their slavery law for women, their EXISTING ARIZONA LAW goes into effect. I think I heard it was 15 weeks or longer pregnancies are illegal.

So the Republicans want to make sure they control the breeding of their citizens. More citizens = more tax dollars.

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