YES! “Land of the Free” by Kung Fu Cowboy DELIVERED

Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and 30 radio stations have been delivered “Land of the Free” SONG by Kung Fu Cowboy.

I just checked at CDbaby. They have been distributing my CDs since 2005. The listed all the places they’ve delivered my song to. There were a couple of radio stations listed as “DELIVERY REQUESTED.”

When I released this single I told them to release it EVERYWHERE. They have a category for that on my release form.

Hold on, I’m gonna look for it.

“Do it all. Even unpaid.”

Yeah. I just want people to hear it.

One of the radio stations that “Requested Delivery” was SLACKER RADIO. Not sure what there playlist is. Hopefully my song, “Land of the Free” will fit into their playlist.

HEY RADIO STATIONS!!! Please play my song. Sorry. I’ve got no payola. But I’d really appreciate it. (Only if you like the song of course.)

Oh yeah. You’ve gotta wait until May 8. The RELEASE DATE I specified. That’s my son’s birthday.

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