Kung Fu Cowboy Songbook 2023

What am I doing? Who am I? What do I want to accomplish? What are my ambitions.

I’ve been answering those questions in my new KINDLE VELLA book series titled: “Kung Fu Cowboy Songbook 2023”

I started these 3-short stories per week or “Kindle Vellas” (novellas) to promote my MUSIC VIDEO PROGRAM.

Music Video Program?

I got a camera, sound recorder, lights, guitar, drums, new bass strings, and a microphone like Elvis Presley used.

Where do I play?

Good question.

So I bought some green screens. Two 20-foot green screens and stuff for the floor and ceiling. Now I CAN BE ANYWHERE. I can shoot myself with the green screens and use backgrounds from anywhere.

I’m a one-man operation right now. That seemed kind of difficult. Especially if I’m going to have to take the green screen down for my Kung Fu videos. My front room has Shaolin Kung Fu weapons all over the walls.

So I ordered some cheesy tinsel, just like night clubs used to use and maybe still do. It’s used for parties now and I got the SILVER FOIL strips and the GOLD FOIL strips.

I’m going to make my bedroom look like a strip club or night club. I hung ropes on the walls for black duvateen sheets or muslim… and then I’ll put the foil strips over them…

I’ve mounted four lights in my ceiling and purchased a couple with light boxes for the green screen. I’ll use them in my bedroom. I’m set.

I’m growing my hair. It’s pretty long now. I didn’t lose all of it during the chemotherapy.

Now I’m waiting for my new guitar. It’s been paid for and they’re making it for me now in Thailand. My new Thai stick. A PRS 594 Black Gold Burst guitar.

HERE’s the link to the ENTIRE SERIES: Kung Fu Cowboy Songbook 2023: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/story/B0BZ2MYZWY

Here’s the link to EPISODE LIST: https://www.amazon.com/kindle-vella/product/B0BZ2MYZWY/episodeList

The first three episodes are FREE. Subscribe. I will make them worth the cost–whatever it is.

I’m going to publish them MONDAY / WEDNESDAY / FRIDAY. They will provide a “behind the scenes” view of Richard Del Connor producing music videos and the new Kung Fu Cowboy album, SCORPION RESURRECTION.

CHECK OUT EPISODE #1 of Kung Fu Cowboy Songbook 2023.

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