“4 Noble Truths of Buddhism” song by Buddha Z

Here’s a rough mix of three guitar tracks and a vocal recorded in my car when I was homeless in October 2015. The lyrics are here. All four tracks were recorded on my 4-track ZOOM digital recorder. They are all just playing at the volume I recorded them. No mixing. Just basic tracks.

I’ll finish this album some day. The songs need bass and drums. Maybe some keys. Maybe some horns. Maybe some flute.

I was writing about this song in a book I’m editing right now, Kent State Murder Day, by Richard Del Connor.

I hope that someone may be ENLIGHTENED by this song. That’s what’s for.

“4 Noble Truths of Buddhism” is the title song of the debut album by BUDDHA Z. Buddha Z is me, as a “Buddhist Rapper.” I’ve got thousands of poems. But I wrote these songs in 2015 to be mean, vicious, angry, cynical and hurtful. (I was hanging out with a lot of black rappers in 2014 and 2015.) I wrote the first one for them, “Nuke DC.” But by the time I’d written a half-dozen angry songs, I wanted to enlighten the world more than just criticize it with a hammer.

Let me know how you like this song, “4 Noble Truths of Buddhism.” Let me know if it enlightens you at all.

Buddha Z the Buddhist Rapper

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