The Coyote says “Oh Michelle”

“Oh Michelle” song by THE RICH Live at Coconut Teazer, Hollywood, California

My booking agent…

My lighting assistant when on photoshoots as a photojournalist for Los Angeles newspapers.

Printed the first copies of Love, Always & Forever journal of love.

Maybe that’s why she fell in love with me.

I showed the book to Scott today when he visited. I was very amused by my book Love, Always & Forever! It was making both of us laugh as I skipped around reading parts of pages. This is my favorite style of writing. I would be willing to call it psychedelic but I strive to be coherent.

Anyway, this “true love” spent a few years with me. “Yeehah!”

Coyote at Coconut Teazer Coyote Laugh.

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