“INCARCERATION AIR” a New Product from JUST LIKE JAIL Enterprise

Feeling boxed in with your newfound freedom?
Missing the camaraderie of your convict comrades?
Perhaps the fresh air of freedom has lowered your appetite?

JUST LIKE JAIL products were designed for you: The confused ex-con.

Harvested from the toilets and trash cans of a local prison, Just Like Jail products bring home the flavors and scents of your home away from home… that slammer of your past.

Dan Asher is bringing to you, the memories of your barred bliss.

Try our premiere product, “INCARCERATION AIR.” Created in the non-sterile homeland of current convict, Dan Asher, all Just Like Jail products are more than “Just Like Jail,” they are ‘Jail Fresh.’ Perhaps you have a loved one who is having trouble conforming to conformity of society. This product is designed for that person in your life who seeks to the stable confinement of imprisonment… but that haven’t re-earned it yet.

So before that ex-con makes the jump into an illegal activity to gain a “Go To Jail” passport… Give them a whiff of their beloved last homeland with “Incarceration Air,” the scent of confinement. All orders are fulfilled in the order received. Due to a limited product source and the difficulty of exporting prison products, deliveries may require time. But you don’t mind. You’re used to waiting… and waiting… and waiting… anyway.

“Just Like Jail.” A spray bottle of that special place in your life.

NOTE: Please send cash. Dan doesn’t have a bank account.
Send all orders to:
Just Like Jail c/o Whoever’s Name is on the PO Box
PO Box 000 Wherever, CA.96969

Produced by Richard Del Connor Copyright 2015 Shaolin Pictures. All rights reserved.
Written by and starring Dan Asher.
Directed by Richard Del Connor.

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