Audio Podcast: Folk Rock Podcast of Shaolin Records

The Best and Brightest of Today's Folk Rock

Shaolin Records teamed up with for a couple years to produce the Folk Rock Podcast of Shaolin Records.  Hosted by The Hippy Coyote and Produced by Richard Del Connor this bi-weekly podcast show featured who submitted their music through SonicBids.  

Richard enjoyed contacting the artists by phone and interviewing.  Richard also added a photo slide show to the audio podcasts so that when viewed in iTunes a stream of pictures and lyrics would be seen to add color, depth and coolness to the episodes.  Richard talked about the artist and promoted them by building a webpage at for each act per each show.  An additional podcast blog was created at the podcast host site where the actual podcast RSS streamed from at

Folk Rock artists were chosen from all over America and even Iceland.B

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