American Zen Podcast #2

This is the second podcast of the LEVEL 1 = Peace of Mind album by American Zen. Shaolin Records released this album on cassette in 1995 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The local radio stations banned it. Clubs were told not to let us perform. The Mormon musicians in my Utah band were told to, “Get out of that hippie band!”

American Zen Buddhist Rock Podcast SEASON 1 – Episode #2

I was the “California Buddhist.” The “Shaolin Tai Chi Monk.” Or, “The Kung Fu Cowboy.” I obtained my leather cowboy hat in Park City when Tom Calder visited me when he was touring with the _____________ band. I jammed on flute with them. It was fun. Blues flute.

This is Podcast #2 of 19. Somewhere it said, twenty podcasts… but I only found 19. We’ll see…

The Coyote Performing Coconut Teazer Club in Hollywood, California

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