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Almost Figured Out Website Layout

I can’t build this website the way I see it in my mind–so I’m figuring out how to create the most basic simplified I-can-do-it-myself with what I have for free multimedia website that will be fun, entertaining, enlightening, and promote my products like any radio station.  

I’m not sure where I’m at but there’s stuff here now…

YIKES!  I’m updating this post.  I just ADDED the BLOG page to this website. 

This website is not getting much attention from me.  I need to put some time in and actually finish this website.

Fact is, until a few minutes ago there wasn’t a blog page and I didn’t even notice.  Maybe it was my subconscious mind working against… or maybe for me.  BLOGS are my enemy?

I am not a chat room person so I don’t do social media–despite having 17 Facebook Pages.

As I get my websites built and organized, I am going to operate them from a central hub at has been my web-developer and webmaster website since 2001.  2000?

From the website I plan to author a BLOG that would post the major changes to ALL the websites of Shaolin Communications.  So there!  If you can FOLLOW the BLOG at… you can see the various websites I’m building and managing.

Then I figured out WHICH websites HAD to have a BLOG.  Because I’m a one-man operation.  I’m want to enjoy this job–that currently overwhelms me.

After being homeless from 2012 to 2019 and using public library computers for a couple hours a day… I had to minimize my webdesign goals and responsibilities.  The last couple years I was becoming less motivated as many websites needed more updating with web design programs on my Macintosh computer that were not available on the public library computers like DREAMWEAVER.

So switching to WordPress was partly a reaction to my limitations and poverty.  I could use WordPress on any public computer and be able to update my websites with any web browser like Google or Internet Explorer or Safari…

I went and meditated for a while before resigning myself to a BLOG on this website.  I thought that maybe I had achieved or designed this website to not need a blog.  But no.  I had always expected to have a blog here for updates and product promotion accordingly.

It was just weird–to have to add the blog after building a WordPress website.  The irony is because WordPress was created for blog pages.  All the pages in a WordPress site are listed in the auto-generated urls as ‘post’s.

Okay.  I’m working on my new attitude.  

For now, I’ve created the blog page.  I’m updating the existing blogs.  Not realizing there wasn’t a blog webpage, I figured out that the posts that I had created were posting under the ‘categories’ they were listed in.

I’m still learning.  Oh yeah.  THEN, I had to decide HOW to create the blog page.

Twice I went into the ‘PAGES’ section in my WordPress dashboard.  But both times I hesitated after creating a ‘new page.’

I went into the ‘customizer’ and could plainly see that the ‘blog’ page was left blank, so the posts couldn’t go there.

Under this blog page assignment, there is a a link to ‘add new.’

I figured I’d try this method and see what kind of blog page would be automatically created when I also by creating it was assigning it to be THE blog page.  

It created the blog page, but I’d already noticed that my WordPress theme had auto created all my existing webpages with a Capital letter in front.  I decided to create my page with the lower case, ‘blog.’

Then I had to add it to the MAIN MENU.  When I did it created the link name, ‘blog,’ but I wanted my menu item labels to match so I changed the ‘navigation title’ to ‘Blog.’   It didn’t matter: my MENU FORMAT is ALL CAPS.  

Then I went to the homepage to view this link where I put it UNDER the ‘Home’ link in a drop down menu.  Usually I’d put it up top… but I’m trying to have more expressive TITLE MENU items:  namely the large link titles:  ‘Audio Podcast’ and ‘Video Podcasts’ and ‘Cool Commericals’ and most importantly of all: ‘Music Videos.’

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