ALBUM - Live in Venice by The Rich

In 1989 and 1980 THE RICH were practicing in their Venice Beach home / reheasal studio for the gigs they performed on weekends.
The album THE RICH – LIVE IN VENICE is a live show performed by the most amazing trio in Los Angeles in 1979:

    Richard Del Connor – bass, lead vocals


    Bill Stewart – drums, backing vocals
    Vinnie Lauria – electric guitar

The Rich began in 1977 or 1978 during the rehearsals for the rock opera written by Richard Del Connor, “Underground.” The band performed under the name of their next rock opera, “The Pauper,” and soon became know as, THE RICH.
There weren’t many places to perform in San Diego in 1978. When disco music took over a few more rock and roll night clubs… Richard needed to move to Los Angeles — just to have places to perform.

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