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The Hippy Coyote singing and playing bass in concert with THE RICH
I want my Coyote Television


Coyote Radio was invented by 1984 as Richard Del Connor was performing his rock opera, Coyote In A Graveyard.  Richard enrolled in UCLA Motion Picture Program intending to launch his music video television station…

Michael J Fox and the press attended the rock operas… and started calling Richard, “Coyote.”  That’s how he got his name he explains, “When my girlfriend Jennifer started calling me “Coyote” I decided I’d better be the guy she’s talking about!”

In 1989 Coyote Radio Television was being launched in Hollywood, California.  Working from home with interns from Music Connection Magazine, Richard Del Connor launched Shaolin Records into a variety show that would contain other artists and interviews and jam sessions with Coyote.  Shaolin Records was producing and booking concerts all over Los Angeles.

Coyote Radio .NET was the American Zen Buddhist Rock Podcast
Coyote Radio .NET

In 2006 Shaolin Records launched the Coyote Radio .NET podcast series for a couple years.  These weekly podcasts detailed the making of the American Zen albums and interviews with the band.  Coyote followed the instructions of the www.ActZEN.com website and transformed himself from The Coyote into The Hippy Coyote.  Each week Coyote followed the instructions and shared his enlightenments.  These podcasts occurred during the completion of the Christ Killer album by American Zen.

Christ Killer album by American Zen
God God?

During this period American Zen became popular and surprisingly uncontroversial.  Not one single complaint about the “Christ Killer” title.  Instead, a stream of Christ Killer products seemed to emerge from various people around the world.

The LEVEL 2 podcasts illuminated Coyote’s messages of peace and nonviolence.  These were an unusual time as Patriot Act Politics pervaded the public school system.  Many of these podcasts detail Coyote’s complaints about transforming the elementary school of his son into a maximum security prison.  When the principal chained a trash can to the base of the flagpole in the front of the school, Coyote complained.  This provoked some “anti-chauvinist” hate mail from feminists who complained about Coyote representing traditional male and warrior values.  The female principal was supported by feminists for her barbed wire and flag pole trash can.  Coyote realized that the world was not ready for traditional values and wrote an album during a love affair–in hope of harmonizing the new world values.

album cover: American Zen - I Want You To Love Me
Got Love?

The Coyote Radio .NET podcasts during the recording of LEVEL 3 = I Want You To Love Me detail the fall of his family and path towards freedom as his children leave to live with their mother and grandfather.  Coyote’s harmonizing with his millennial family required him to leave.

A proposed and planned romantic album becomes a crash and burn love story… that is hugely commercial.  Almost every song on the album is a radio hit or dance song.  Coyote’s favorite recommendation song is, “House of Rejection.”  Ironically this song was written in 1980 about his fiancee Rita.  Coyote said it was unnecessary to write another song since this one told the current story almost prophetically.

This disheartening family breakup leads to the LEVEL 4 = Kung Fu Cowboy albums.

album cover American Zen - Kung Fu Cowboy
Got family?

Now in 2018 we are completing the dream of COYOTE RADIO TELEVISION with COYOTE RADIO TV.  Originally intended as a playground for the music and videos of The Hippy Coyote / Richard Del Connor… we can finally begin to unfold the multimedia ambitions of that pup from San Diego… with music and videos…

All Coyote — All The Time…