The Hippy Coyote performing laying down onstage.
Don’t tread on me…

Coyote Radio Television “Coyote Radio TV” was founded in 1982 as Richard Del Connor was performing in his own band, The Rich, and with several other bands as a session bass player.  In 1984 Richard started classes at UCLA and graduated in 1987 making music videos, commercials, and special effects for feature films.  In 1989 Richard had a host of interns working at his Shaolin Records office as they prepared to launch a rock and roll variety show, “Coyote Radio Television.”

Coyote In A Graveyard by The Rich
ALBUM ARTWORK for Coyote In A Graveyard


Coyote Speaks:

I was a photographer for several magazines and local newspapers.  I shot big and small concerts so I got to know a lot of artists and planned for them on my rock and roll variety show in 1989.

Now the dream can come true:  Coyote Radio Television can exist right here — on the internet.  Less expensive than the Hollywood theater we had to rent in 1989.

Now, just like in the sixties and seventies… I can sit back, listen to some great music (mostly mine) and watch cool videos that may sometimes inspire visions, flashbacks… interesting emotions…
maybe an epiphany…
Coyote Radio TV…




1965 Pleasant Bottleneck Slide Guitar of Rory G of American Zen
1965 Pleasant Guitar of American Zen


“You’ve Been Sold”
by American Zen

from debut album:  LEVEL 1 = Peace of Mind

Features Rory G on slide guitar.